Thursday, February 5, 2009

Joshua and the Walls of Jericho....

Yesterday on National Geographic Channel
was an interesting historical-biblical -documentary.

It seems that when Joshua was playing loudly
his trumpets outside the city Jericho..... ..
Jericho was not build , yet.

And 280 years later ,
when Jericho was finally built ,
it has never had any walls !!!

So what do we learn here ??

1- Joshua and Jericho never met .

2- there were no Walls outside Jericho-city

3- the Old-Testament, the " Torah"
is a very inaccurate-propaganda-book
which Jesus never mentioned
nor ever approved of !!

Thank you ! National Geographic Channel !!

Raja Chemayel
Sherlock Hommos
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom


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