Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The indifferent difference

How can we call it "democracy"
when democracy is to be all about a "choice"
or better said : " a free choice "

Both candidates are pro-Israel
and both vice-presidents-to-be ,
are also the same.

All candidates are pro-capital, pro-wars
and nobody claims to be the "opposition ".

All candidates need an awful lot of money without which
they could not win the elections, let alone even to compete in it .

So it is all about the money + capitalism + Zionism.

So why not renaming the USA as being
the new-State of Israel .
or being ,
The Promised Land for the purchased-Democracy
and for the artificialy-Chosen-People.

Rename the Capitol-Hill as the Temple of Salomon
Rename the White-house as Herod's Palace
and re-crucify Jesus on Mount Rushmore
whereby the resurection must be paid for , in advance.

If you were a Jew in Uzbekistan would you emigrate
to the State of Israel ?..........or rather to the USA ??

If you are a presidential candidate in the USA
would you support Chili?...........or rather Israel ??

Raja Chemayel
a democrat not for sale....

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