Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hunger is also a weapon

The Liberator of Zimbabwe
and the Trojan-Mole of the West.

There is a proverb that says :
"if you cannot beat them join them"

When I was still an active businessman,
I created another private variation to that proverb:
"If you cannot beat them , then buy them "

Now I sit back and watch the world
and I see a third variation apply by the West
to that proverb :
"If you cannot beat them , then starve them "

The West tried it 10 years long against Iraq (1991-2003)
The West is trying this against Hamas and especially in Gaza
The West tried it successfully with Poland in order to bring
down Communism and to bring up Lech Valensa
The West does it since 45 years unsuccessfully against Cuba
The West applied it against Robert Mugabe , the Liberator of Zimbabwe
and today the opposition leader won the Prime Minister seat ,
in the name of the numerical-Democracy .

Hunger is a weapon,
it also kills
it also ,mainly, kills the civilians
in Iraq, in Gaza and in Zimbabwe.

Would you not rather die free but hungry ?
than to get laid by the West
with a full stomach ??

Raja Chemayel
hungry for any just- cause.

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