Saturday, December 22, 2007

Next time......try Norway

If you think that ,we the Arabs are fanatic-people,
backward-people and all religious-fundament alists,
why would you then not just avoid us ??......... next time.

You came to our Iraq and invaded it , recently
and you came 60 years ago and settled-down
in our Palestine !!
You called our Algeria..... " Alegerie-Francaise"
and you made our Libya become part of your "Italy"

Next time you want to rob another country , try Norway !!!
if is full of blue-eyed-gentile- people,
and guess what has a lot of Oil !!! too. ( as bonus)

Besides that you can claim , more credibly,
when you say that you are a descendant of a Viking ,
and you came back to Norway , now, to claim your roots !!

Try Norway !! next time......,
you might miss our warm sunshine ,and our Hommos
but the girls in Norway are much more emancipated
and less complicated too....

Sherlock Hommos

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