Monday, December 17, 2007

Announcement for a Gaza

Special Christmas


c o n c e r t

The Program


Sonata for Viol and Piano

by Genghis Khan


The Nut-Cracker's-Ballet

By Ludwig van Beethoven


Opera Aida

by Gustav Mahler


The 9Th. Symphony

by Frederic Chopin


P e a c e

by the State of Israel


Wo r l d -J u s t i c e

by The United Sates of America

The Royal Hashemite

Philharmonic Orchestra of Gaza-City

Conductor , George Bush Jr.

Soloist , Ehud Olmert, soprano.

Choreography , Shimon Perez.

Prima-Ballerina , Mademoiselle Condi Rice.

Choir of The Guantanamo Guards and Torturers Ensemble.


Wardrobe-attendant , Mahmoud Abbas

The profits of this concert will go to :

*The Association of Veteran-Butchers

of Sabra and Chatila. AVBSC.

*The Retired Brotherhood of Bulldozer-Drivers

over Jennin. RBBDJ

* Husny Mubarak's Funds for the Preservation

of Eternal-Presidencies . HMFPEP

Sponsored by : The World Bank

in Memory of Paul Wolfowitz

Next Saturday , 22.12.2007 ,

right after the Sabbath observance.

Parking assured for all

(Bomb-trapped-Cars , please use the South-entrance)

Tickets Sale

at the


or via the Internet

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