Friday, April 22, 2011

On a day like this in the year 0033
a Palestinian-mother ,
wearing a veil....

On the today  in the year 0033.

The Land was called
"a south-Syrian-province"
or ......." Southern-Syria "

There was no land called " Israel " , at all
and the population was called
" the Canaanites ",  and had three kinds:
the first part believed in monotheism
and were called " Jews "
the second part followed Jesus of Nazareth
and were called " agitators " ( and later Christians)
and the third part worshipped statues
and were called  the " non-believers "

There was a Court case against an agitator-reformer
called Jesus of Nazareth
the plaintiffs were called the Jews
while the Judge , jailers and hangman were the Romans,
of the Imperialist Rome.

and you know the rest of the story .....!!

I just wanted to define the actors
within that drama-tragedy.

Happy Easter !!
on the day when we remember
the most famous Crucified-Palestinian !!

nowadays....... the Palestinian die in Tunnels,
or behind high-walls ......
otherwise,  not much has changed !!

Raja Chemayel

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