Saturday, November 15, 2008

The worries of the Gazzeans

The Global War on Liberation

In Gaza nobody has to pay his electricity- bills ,
because there is no electricity .

In Gaza nobody has to worry about genetically modified food
there is no food , at all,

In Gaza nobody shall worry about travel-plans
nobody is going anywhere.
In Gaza the people worry about their own missiles
because they are much inaccurate and might hit
an empty-Israeli-Golf-course , on a Sabbath.

In Gaza nobody shall anymore dream of democracy
because they do have ,already ,
a democratically elected government.

In Gaza nobody has to pay custom-duties
because everything is smuggled in.........
even human-rights are smuggled in !!

In Gaza there are no traffic congestion's
because cars have no fuel.

In Gaza people do not fear foreign-occupation
it has just ended , recently.

In Gaza the sewage-system does not pollute the sea,
and you maybe have guessed why ??

Gaza-Airport is the safest one ,
worldwide !!

Gaza has replaced Masada !!
Gaza has replaced La Commune de Paris !!

Raja Chemayel

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