Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There is Genocide.....and Genocide

When the Regime of President Saddam Hussein
fought against the armed separatist rebels of Kurdistan
it was labelled: " Genocide "

Now ,
the Turkish Regime is doing exactly the same !!
so what shall we call it ?? , today and in this case :
War on Terrorism ??
Defending the Eastern-gate of NATO ??
anti-extremism- operation ??
Operation "Kill-Kurds" ??
Bastorma*-Democracy -in -action ??

Turkey is denying and hiding the rights of Kurds
since half a century , at least.......
While ,President Saddam gave to the Kurds
the biggest autonomy the Kurds have ever had.....
anywhere and at any time .

What was mentioned when in 1920 the British Army
massacred the Kurds ??? using lethal Gas !!
did you ever read about it ??
when and where ??

What about the Mossad itself training some Kurds since 1968....???
what for ??

Hypocrisy and Double-standards
never felt better...... than today,
but that is nothing new......

Sherlock Hommos

*Bastorma: is a typical-Turkish- Sausage

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