Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The only emmission-free country in the Middle East !!

Gaza being now the only liberated Palestinian soil
although it is still besieged and starved and isolated
and insulated and deprived and encircled and held as hostage,
it is nevertheless. ...liberated
from the forces of Zion
from the forces of Fateh's-corruption.

Another happy detail is that ,very soon,
Gaza shall be:
the only CO2- emissions-free country
in the Middle East.

Indeed , Israel has decided to withhold the deliveries
of all kind of fuels....therefore Gaza shall do its part
in the anti-global- warming.
An Environmental victory !!!

This shall be a lesson to the Zionist-West
that "Terrorism" is not that bad , after all !!

Imaging how much CO2-emissions comes out
from that electric-generator which is supplying
the electric-current to any Gaza-Hospital !!

Imaging also,
how many emissions come out of a Qassam Rocket !! ??

As from now on.......all stops !!

My compliments go to Hamas which is again
giving the good example to many of its corrupt opponents.

I bet you that Mahmoud Abbas air-conditioners in his offices
and his 6 Mercedes do pollute more than any Gaza Hospital, does.

Bravo Hamas !!!
although I must admit (objectively) that also Israel helped here a bit......

Eng Moustafa Roosenbloom
anti-global- warming-agent

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