Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lebanon's deadlock

Lebanon is in a deadlock , in a kind of dead-end-street.
We cannot agree on a Presidential election's date
let alone on a candidate nor on the interpretation
of our own constitution ,written in our own language
by our own founders.... . only 65 years ago

Walid " Bey" Joumblat , among others, are asking the USA
to interfere and to topple the regime in Syria because:
"Syria is interfering within Lebanon"
Something like when someone shall
interfere to stop any other interfering.....
Like committing an adultery to prove a matrimonial- loyalty.

We are not moving forward , at all !!
so most probably the USA and the West
shall soon propose a neutral committee
made of wise and integer personalities
to mediate and to arbitrate and to nominate
the new President of the Republic of the Cedars.....

This arbitration- committee shall be presided by
Mr. Tony Blair ( retired liar)
and the multinational- members are :

Husny Mubarak (never retiring)

Hamid Karsay (retired opium farmer)

Britney Spears (retired mother)

Jalal Talabany (retired smuggler)

Ehud Barrak (retired war criminal)

and the ex-Prime -Minister of Poland
( I forgot his name, already )

This mediation-formula is made to bring an end
to a political/social/ parliamentarian/ constitutional deadlock
and is based on the integrity and the experiences
of those irreproachable, spotless and immaculate members.

Once again the USA shows us ,here, the wisdom
and the ethical-superiority in solving any and all
Middle East Problems , regardless of their size.
Soon this new committee shall meet to deliberate ,
right just after the success of the forthcoming Peace Conference.

Because , otherwise Tony Blair and Condi Rice
might not be able to handle both jobs simultaneously.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
28 Oct.2007

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