Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Geert Wilders and the Veil-Tax

the burka in Beirut ...

the true face of Wilders
the true hat of Wilders
the true flag of Wilders

Gert Wilders , that smart-politician , wants to raise taxes
on each veil worn in the Netherlands.

This is one way to cover the budget´s deficit in the Dutch economy.
And probably the traffic-jams on the highways might disappear , also.

But , I have another suggestion :
if we all decide to exile Gert Wilders to Afghanistan
and to place him there to replace Hamid Karzay
and then have Wilders there ,collecting the tax from Veil and Burka
..............the traffic-jams on Afghan highways shall disappear !!

Sherlock Hommos


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