Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Totalitairian-Terrorists and the Phosphoric-Immunity
Mr. Truth

Mark Regev the Israeli-Government- spokesman
declared to the Media that "the Gaza-Massacre- Witnesses
are unreliable , inaccurate and bias's........ " unquote

The reason Regev has given is, that Hamas
shall take revenge on them , if and when they
would say anything negative about Hamas.
Concluding that Hamas is not only a Terror-Organisation
but it were also a Totalitarian- Organisation. .

His conclusion is that all the reports about the atrocities
and the Genocide are non-reliable........
and that Israel itself is conducting its own investigation !!

This means that an Israeli Colonel shall investigate
with his own Israeli-Pilot , if the Phosphoric-Bomb
which was transported in the F.16 plane
was dropped on a Palestinian- school .....or it
was returned back to the air-base ?? unused !!

In other words , Israel wants to wait until it
concludes its own investigation before answering
to the world's media accusations.

In the meantime and concertedly
Ehud Olmert has issued a general immunity decree
covering all Israli-military-personel. ....

Just in case the World is not wrong ,
and Israel might not be innocent.

Sherlock Hommos , P.Hd
Nurenberg-Style- Investigator

PS :
Mr. Regev has also declared that :
Those weapons are legal , because NATO
and Democratic-countrie s , has them too ".....


Not even Richard Nixon could come up
with such an argument !!

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