Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let us clean our own houses first

Some of the garbages of the Arabs

It is my wish , my hope and my dream as well,
to see the Israeli Government standing in front of
an International -War- Crime -Court.

But should we not start first by judging
our own clowns and leaders ???

At least the Israelis are doing it for
a Criminal-national- expansionism- robbery
for which their voters will forgive them , for it .

But those Arab (and Palestinian) Leaders
are doing it out of
egocentric-despotic -opportunist-treasons
for which no voter gave them any mandate !!

How , why, when and where ,
any such treason can remain unpunished ???

Abbas is no more a President ,in office,
Mubarak never lost any election
both Kings Abdullah (1+2) never were elected
while Islam does not even allow the function of a "king".

So let us clean our own houses first !!
and judge our oppressors !!
the local first ........and then the foreign !!

At least, my Beirut is half-cleaned , by now,
and we are working on the rest of it......

Raja Chemayel

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