Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Vichy-Goverment of Palestine

How does a collaborator look like ??

The arrest of comrade Khalid Amarayreh
and his subsequent release , is a clear
demonstration of the current role
of the Palestinian- Authority.

They are a substitute-police- force,
to the Israeli-police- force.

They are an local-occupying- force
by proxy for a foreign-occupying- force.... ..Israel

They are the Vichy-Government of Palestine.
they are collaborators in Uniform
they are traitors in Air-Conditioned- Mercedes- Benz
they are the enemy-of-freedom from within
they are Mohammad Dahlan !!

Raja Chemayel

In the second-world- war General De Gaule
used my village in Lebanon as his head-quarters
against the Vichy Army........
Thus I have a basic-knowledge about the difference
between liberation and collaboration