Sunday, January 18, 2009

The ten recommendations

Drawing by Ben Heine

How to get rid of the State of Israel ??
the 10 propositions :
1- take Israel to an International Court to declare it an illegal-State
2- revoke and cancel the UN resolution which created it originally
3- sit at home and pray for God to do it for you
4- convince The USA and the Europeans to stop their blind-support
5- Drop an Atom bomb on it , while risking to kill simultaneously
more Palestinians in and around it, than Israelis.
6- Convince all the Jews that they are no more the "chosen-people"
and they never were.
7- Convince the Jews that the "promise" was fulfilled
2000 years ago,already.
8- Go back home and wait for a Miracle .
9- Beleive blindly in the good-intentions of the USA
and other Imperialists.
10- Pick up a Gun and join Hamas
or Hezbollah or PFLO or DFLP.
Make your choice ,
nobody is rushing you nor obliging you for anything
you may even choose Nr. 8.......
but get off my way !!
Raja Chemayel


globe said...

or make the lebanon , syria , egypt , jordan strong countries with economy that can still be productive in war time .., countries(countries who producing technologies and not buying gringo productions at 100% of it's original price like dubai neighberhood ....) where the justice is ruling and not remotly the oncle sam and the "CO-halition",

Then "some" "ppl" gona have "A LOTA OF fun" ....

brastos said...

what about getting rid of the arabic governments , who are helping not only the domination of the imperialist states , but also the strength of israel by building relationships with it .

globe said...

hi bratos,
the arab population can do that; but the number of opposition mouvement have fail in the arab west, due to the west support .. ; i mean late take morocco , the communist have nearly start a guerilla against the monarchy , buy the american and the french intelligence came to rescue; and help in training and logistics and the locals took care of the rest .... :( ; i mean during there 70's is some arab leaders that could have done a lot of good ; but they killed (king faissal of saudia arabia) or their western trained military chief made a putch with the support of the "CO-halition".
i mean. unfotunatly what ever the tactics we are using we are loosing :(

brastos said...

hi globe
you're right somehow .. i think all those attempts failed just because they needed to be more supported by people ..

they were not more than some weak and isolated tentetives of the middle class

Ali said...

To be more realistic, lets get rid our thugs .. I mean Arab leadership and start working on Peace, a one state solution is the only solution to this crises

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