Friday, January 23, 2009

The first Anti-Semitic move by Obama

Diamond-cutters. .... are for ever.......! !
but.....Lobbyists come and go

As soon as yesterday morning
President Barrack Hussein Obama
has issued a warning and a new "house-rule"
regarding the Lobbying and the Lobbyists
within his new administration.

Indeed ,all contacts must be done
and transparently ,
whereas the content of it

must and shall be made Public......

Think now and consequently,
how many US-Jews and Israelis
shall end up loosing their jobs ?? !!

Even the AIPAC shall be in a crisis,
and they might have to cut off Jobs !!!

I am sure that some wise-Washington- guy
will soon accuse President Barrack Hussein Obama
of deliberate-Anti- Semitism !!!

Knowing that , like with the Diamond-business,
Lobbying is mainly a Jewish-Business. ....

Sherlock Hommos

May I suggest that they go back strickly to Diamonds
because , it is a steady and honest Job......
and because, where I come from
" Lobbying" is called bribing or simply corruption !!