Monday, August 30, 2010

One Mosque too far....
Anti-Mosque-protesters in New York
with a certain fascist-flavour......
and flamboyant-flag .

Assuming that Usama Ben Ladin does really  exist
and secondly , assuming that BenLadin did bomb New York.

Assuming that George Bush does also exist
and that Bush , and not Mother Teresa, did bomb Baghdad.

How many civilians died in New York
and how civilians died many  in Baghdad ??.

Assuming that BenLaden wants to impose
his anti-western-decadence-ideas.....
and assuming that , Bush wanted to impose democracy
in the country which invented the first civilisation.

Assuming that all what I wrote here-above is correct
why do they refuse to build a mosque in New York
when George Bush never built ,nor rebuilt,
any Church in Baghdad ??
nor any Hospital , nor any school .??

Because in the last 20 years, before this war,
Saddam Hussein has rebuilt  Churches ,
schools and Hospitals in Baghdad.

Which, incidentally,reminds me to tell you that
I know of 23 Churches´ buildings financed
by Saddam´s regime.....
even and also in the Lebanon.

Unfortunately, George Bush , to my knowledge,
never financed or helped any church ,
let alone the victims span>of Katherina , in Louisiana, even .

Back to New York and to that Mosque,
I dare not to give my opinion because
I am neither Muslim nor I am a US Citizen.
Nonetheless ,
may I  remind those New Yorkers who objected that Mosque
that building any Mosque is like building a bridge
between tolerance and ignorance.....

Raja Chemayel
my grand-father who was a (christian) Lord-mayor
signed the building license for a Synaguoge in 1942
and my uncle (his son) who was also the Mayor signed in 1961
a building-license for a our Christian Hometown
of Bhamdoun in the Lebanon.


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