Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If your mother were a vegetarian.
can this vegetarian-salad be Jewish ??
or otherwise,  someday,
can it become  Israeli-vegetarian-salad ??

If your mother were a vegetarian
you would consequently also become one ??.

if your mother were a Jew
you will be considered ,automatically, as a Jew.

And if your mother were a vegetarian-Jew
today ,you will be only a Jew
but not necessarily a vegetarian !!

How can anyone  inherit a religion ??
how can you inherit a way-of-life
or a philosophy  .?

Was the son of Plato also a philosopher
or simply a Greek-person ??

Jesus has had a Jewish-mother
but Jesus never was member of the Judaic faith !!!
Karl Marx  has had a capitalist-mother
but Karl was a 100% Communistt !!!

One can be a Jew
and at the same time be a vegetarian
while his own mother would eat all the meat
and pray only for Buddha !!

When I die ,
my son will inherit all my worldly-pocessions
but not necessarily my faith......
nor any of my convictions.

Raja Chemayel

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