Friday, August 17, 2007

Looking for a New-Noah

Noah,inspired and warned by the all-Mighty
has build an Arch.......
so he saved from all the species, a pair

God was punishing all the sinners
and left them behind to drawn
in a flood of immense waters......

You know that story ,
on which the Jews , Christian and Muslims
all agree.

what everybody has forgotten,
expect myself,
is the fact that many rich millionaires
must have had a luxury yacht ,
at that time besides their (many) homes
which they earned in trafficking drugs
or trafficking anything else
like weapons or humans.....or in the Banking-business

And this explains ( to me at least)
how come after Noah's new start
with only the honest people,
we still have evil people who survived,
thanks to their luxury-yachts

What the Good-Lord ought to do , again,
is to send us a new Noah and a new flood
but before that he should confiscate
all the luxury yachts , in advance .

Eng.Moustafa Roosenbloom
17 of August 2007

May I also suggest to add to this list
all the Military Ships including and especially the Sub-Marines.

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