Friday, January 13, 2012

A Trojan-horse........but, inside our fortress
A Trojan Horse when outside the walls ,
is not yet dangerous !!

Al Jazeera is almost 20 years old
and it was very much welcomed but I always wondered how come Qatar
would offer us such a clean, honest and anti-main-stream-Media-outlet ??

After the events in Libya and Syria
I have found the answer to all my questions:

Al Jazeera ended up as being the Trojan-Horse of the imperialist-media´s
and the second bad-news is that this horse is now inside our fortress !!

Raja Chemayel  رَجا  شْمَيِّل

I do not doubt the good intentions of its staff,
but now that the veil has fallen down ,
some of the honest employed are gradualy leaving it.

Right from the start,
we should have been more sceptic
and more suspicious, because after all :
the owner is a fat-rich-oil-Prince !!

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