Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today´s liars are tomorow´s historians
the Homerus of tomorrow ??

If and when ,
the journalists/reporters/correspondents of today
are to become the historians of tomorrow ,
then this means that ,
the Main-Stream-Media´s are fabricating tomorrow's History
and theyb are recording it ,only , as their editors-in-chief ever wants  .

Therefore ,
tomorrow´s History shall suffer the same fate
as did the Old-Testament 
which was left  in the hands of the Rabi's........

So please, (for the record) ,
do retain and do remember that :
Abraham was an Iraqi
Moses was an Egyptian
Jesus was a Palestinian
Theodor Herzl was an Austrian
Golda Meier was a Russian
Simon Perez was a Polish
Issac Rabin was a Lithuanian
in 1967 Israel attacked us, first.
Tel Aviv occupies Ramallah
Damascus and Baghdad
were once the capitals of all the Arabs.
Hezbollah are (100%) Lebanese
Bahrain´s-Shi´aa ,  are Bahrainy.
Israelis are not Semites.
Qatar is only a
(privately owned) rich-city-state.
The USA invaded Afghanistan
and finally .....
George Bush is the bastard .

Raja Chemayel -رَجا  شْمَيِّل

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