Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Endangered-spiecies

endangered spieces !!

*Are the Jews of the 20Th Century
a threatened-endangered-species ??

*Is the State of Israel a kind of reserve
where the Jews should be kept ??

If you answer to both questions is "Yes"

then why not having looked for a reserve which were empty ??

then why not first establish who is Jew and who is not ??

then why not establish what makes a Jew , also ??

what happens to a Jew who became a Christian ??

what happens to a Jew who became a Muslim ??

what happens to a Christian-Viking who became a Jew ??

what happens to a Slavic-atheist who became a Jew ??

How do you define a Jew ? by race or by culture

or by the size of the nose ???

What shall we do with the indigenous-Palestinian-population
made out of all religions and who are originally and historically
and genetically .........the ex-Jews-of-the Bible.

Raja Chemayel
a Pheonician on the Amstel

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