Saturday, June 14, 2008

The unequal equation

On the first side , there is one country possessing Nuclear Weapons
and on the other side, another country accused of trying to possess
some Nuclear weapons ,in the far future. .

The first wants to attack and bomb the second
just because this second is not Democratic ,
nor Christian nor Jewish and not even nuclear .

The Free-World also known as..... the Democratic one
is supporting the first country against the second
to the point that it might ask one of them to bomb the second
instead of the first doing itself.

This said ,
may I remind you that this first country
has occupied another since 60 years,
while the second has occupied nobody and nowhere ,
as far as I can remember, for the last 1500 years.

And if double-standards are not enough,
they decided to call the second country as a " rogue state"
and the first is called " the only Democracy in the Middle East" .

If and when the first shall bomb the second
it will the labelled :"Global-War on Terrorism"
but if you allow me , I shall rather call it
the " Global War of the Terrorists".

Because ,
when a bomb goes from West to East
it would be a crime ,
while when the Bomb comes from the East to the West
it would be also a crime .....
unless the West would have done something to deserve it !!
like raping Palestine or invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anyhow ,
the judgement is left over for you
and would you not prefer ,
a Hysteria free World without the Hegemonic-Hypocrisy ???

Raja Chemayel
hysterically yours !!

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