Sunday, June 8, 2008

Any other suggestions ?? Please

The new expansion-plan of KFC

Mr. Nouri El Maliki the prime minister of the Green Zone
while visiting Iran today reassured his hosts that
" the US Bases in Iraq shall not be used against any neighbour... "

And I wounder what for else those bases
will be ,otherwise, used for ?????,.

1- early weather-warning systems ??
2- front line post against global-warming ??
3- test stations for gay-behaviour in a the desert ??
4- laboratories for idiocy-endurance and national-hysteria ??
5- stand-by stations to assist the victims of Hurricane Katherina ??

Any other suggestions ?? Please !!
any other ideas ?? perhaps .......

Maybe Mr. Nouri el Maliki would explain and count
the advantages of an American Invasion :
like Democracy and Freedom and Kentucky Fried Chicken.....

Sherlock Hommos
basically anti-bases !
8Th of June 2008

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