Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The unlucky Working Class

an uncrowned King..

The working-class of Europe is not all-Muslim
(all) Muslims of Europe are working-class .

In the seventies we fought ,as students , for class-emancipation,
so we went out toward the Working-classes
and tried to emancipate them and to explain how unlucky they were .
Then later we got promoted and left our universities
when we became managers driving with 8 Cylinder Jaguar's

We forgot the Working-Class
and we flew Business-Class.
Three decades later,we woke up one morning to realise
that the Muslims of Europe became
the actual unlucky-working-class.
In the meantime Che was shot down
the Red-Square has now a Mac.Donald and a Pierre Cardin Shop
and uncle Mao is now only manufacturing digital toys.
The Koran replaced Communism,
Mohammad replaced Marx
the Mosques replaced the popular-committees
the Crescent replaced the Red-flag.
The ex-colonial powers became the employers
and the ex-colonised wait now for a salary .....gently,obediently,
at the end of each month.
Islam did not change ,neither did Christianity
but the Christian-coloniser ,now, became the Christian-employer.
A clash of religions ??..... not at all !!
but a separation of 2 religions due to the different social status.
If you are a Muslim, handsome and rich,
you are labelled as a dirty-play-boy.
If you are Christian, handsome and rich ,
you are simply a Play-boy .
Omar Charif became a Hollywood- king
but was never crowned.
Dodee el Fayed was engaged to a Royal- Princess
and it cost him his life.
One Director-General of the NASA
was a Muslim..... but nobody remembers his name .

Proletarians of the world,
hold on to your Koran !!
it worth any and all other books !!!

Raja Chemayel
a non-rich christian living in Europe
11Th of March 2008

NB :
Omar Charif is a christian (Arab)
but everybody thought that he were a Muslim person
and that is why he never got his crown , nor any Oscar !!

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Eva said...

So very true!!!