Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It is like a Bathroom but without water !!

Of course !! you might say ,
the USA does not lie and Israel has no reasons to attack Syria.

But it happened that Israel and the USA
have discovered a Nuclear Plant in Syria.
(375 km north of the Demona-plant in the Negev
where Vanunu has once worked......)

So three Israeli-F16 took-off from Israel
and two stealth-fighters of the USAF
took off from Turkey.....they flew to Syria,
bombed a new recycling plant for used aluminium-beer- cans
and all came back safely and unharmed.

President El Assad called me on my Mobile (566.447.881)
and asked me to immediately investigate
and to defend him from this Media-hype
and from the Wolfs of the Pentagon.

I called my good old friend Dr. Watson
who also responded and immediately came to me,
even on a Sunday afternoon.

After the tee and biscuits ,
we looked at the photos provided by :
The Tel Aviv association- of-photo- montages- amateurs

Within ten minutes of contemplation , I shouted :
Elementary my dear Watson !!
of course !!
where is the water ??

Dr. Watson handed me a glass of water, from the tray
which I politely refused..... .
No Watson not that water .......but the other water !

Watson shook his head , as if he were getting confused .

No Watson no !!....... I mean the water used
to cool down the atomic reactors....
.where is it ??
This site in Syria has no river , no lake and a sea near to it.
So how could they cool the reactors.... unless there are no reactors !!

By Jove !! Watson ,
it is like a bathroom but without water
or kike driving with no water in the radiator !!!

I picked up the phone and called Damascus Nr. 5662447
President Assad was very pleased
and assured me that my pay-check
will be sent with tomorrow's post.

Sherlock Hommos
Ministry of Reeducation and Ethical-information .

PS :
Please note that the are Nuclear-Plants
and.......... No-clear-plants. .....

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