Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Put him asleep....!!

Drawing by Ben Heine

I once had a lovely dog, he grew old and then older
and one day when he became even older than old ,
he started shitting inside the house
(excuse my expression here !!)
My dog grew demeaned and could not control his shit.
(excuse this expression again , please)

The veterinarian advised me to give him some injection
that would put him peacefully to sleep for ever....
I refused this , and delayed it until came the moment
whereas , this was not only the best-solution
but also the only solution !!

Mahmoud Abbas has reached the same point, as my dog ,
he is shitting much to often inside the Palestinian- house.

He became utterly useless to Palestine
the point of being classified even as traitor..... .because of inaction
and relying exclusively on the USA .

More over his veterinarian is no one else than Dr.Condoleesa Rice
and his Master is George W.Bush,
and therefore has never bitten Olmert ,
and has barked only towards Hamas
since Arafat died.....and even before that.

It is time to put him asleep ( ephemerally- speaking )
it will save at least those 22% left-over of Palestine
otherwise .......not even his luxury-office- chair will fit in Palestine,

I am not Palestinian , but I as an Arab ,
I allow myself to speak out....because it is my right.

Raja Chemayel
I got myself a new dog....and she does it properly.

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