Thursday, September 25, 2008

Extraordinary measures...for extraordinary circumstances

warning :
do not believe the following massage .

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G.W. Bush in disguise

The candidates for the Presidential campaign
might hold back or even postpone their planned debate....
because of the emergencies for facing the US financial crises
that are devastating the socio-political-financia l landscape of the USA.

Indeed Mac Cain and Obama might put their campaigns "on hold"
awaiting a general strategy and a common effort to vanquish
this national disaster....

"extraordinary circumstances, need extraordinary measures !! "

and who knows !! ??
if need be ,
they might agree to cancel completely the presidential- elections
and keep George Bush for another 4 years , as president.

as an
"exceptional- measure for those exceptional- circumstances"

More over , and as a national consensus/compromise:

Sarah Palin will replace Dick Cheney , as Vice President of Halliburton
Hillary Clinton shall replace Condoliza Rice as State Secretary

whereas ,
Cheney will return as hunting instructor
Mrs. Rice shall play the piano in a romantic "singles bar"
for the Fallashah's , in Tell Aviv.

In the year 2013 ,
Obama and Mac Cain may try again to hold an election
and by that time, Mahmoud Abbas would still be the gardener
at the Olmert's villa, in Monaco.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
exceptional- reporter
25Th of September

PS :
for those who suffer from a "weak-hart-problem"
we are happy to inform that this is simply a Joke !!
(a bad-taste-joke of course !!!)

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