Saturday, September 27, 2008

The forces of Evil......and the Housing-Market

Robin Hood

Robin Hood used to steal from the rich
and then give it to the poor.
The Banks do not (precisely) steal from the poor
and give it to the rich ,
but they rather it lends the money of the poor,
only to the rich .

What has happened lately in the USA
was a new-experience of lending (exceptionally) to the poor
in order to make the rich richer.
Otherwise known as the "bad loans" .
Nowadays it is called " Toxic debts "

George Bush shall now use the US-tax-money ,
not to rescue the poor who have lost their houses
but to help the rich who have , anyhow,
re-appropriated the same houses from the poor.

Does it make sense ??
Yes , if you believe in Capitalism.. ...of course.

It is a bit like when ," for the sake of Peace" in the Middle East
the USA supports the aggressors and not the victims
and then the USA builds houses for the Settlers
instead of building houses for the Victims of the same Settlers.

Does it make sense ??
Yes , if you believe in Zionism..... .of course.

No one on this Planet finances the forces of evil ,
more than the US-Tax-Payers, whether willingly
or unwillingly,

And finally ,
after 200 years of fighting against socialism
the USA shall use it to cure the capitalism.

Sherlock Hommos
Prof. Dr.Dr.
Finance-ethics and Peace-charades

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