Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the other Hurricanes.....

" A street called desire "


There is a lot of Hurricanes going on over the financial world
and it is useless to comment,in depth, on it any further.

But let me try it , briefly , anyhow.....

Capitalism cannot get out of the grave it dug for its own customers
Capitalism is devouring itself after all the cows dried out
Capitalism has fooled the consumers too long , too often , too far
Capitalism wanted to make even more profit out of others-earned-profits
and now it ended up making more shit out of its own shit.

and the good news is ........!!

George W. Bush is reimbursing to the guilty-banks
George W. Bush is resuscitating the same monsters
George W. Bush is using , for that purpose,
the money of the victims, themselves.

Conclusion :

George W. Bush could never bring democracy to anywhere
George W. Bush could not beat terrorism anywhere
but....George surely has saved Capitalism !!

Sherlock Hommos
Analyst at the
Bank of libertarians, liars and liquid-loans .


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