Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tony Blair as a mentor

This week in Berlin , takes place
a Donor's Conference of those countries
who would like to help the Palestinian Authority
to establish a proper Police and Juridical apparatus.

Of course ,
the police is necessary , in any society
but most of the help is going into building numerous
Riot-Police- units.

Did you know any Riot-Police, anywhere, that
does promote or defend Democracies ????

With the exception of Foot-ball-matches
I see no use to Riot-Police. you ??

On the other hand this same conference shall also
organise and promote the training of
the future Palestinian- Judges.

We all know the function of any judge is any
third-world- country.. ...

But what is worth mentioning , is the presence
of Mr. Tony Blair at that Conference , him being
the coordinator for the Middle East Quartet.

Indeed Tony Blair has good experience with
the juridical-powers. .......
he once ordered to the Judges in the UK , to stop
their investigations into an alleged huge bribery-scandal
with the Saudi Royals.

Conclusion ,
if and when , the Mahmoud Abbas clan
were not yet corrupt..... .....
they have now Tony Blair, as a mentor.

Have a look !

Sherlock Hommos
inspector-investiga tor-initiator


dwave said...

You shouldn't be so frustrated.
You could jerk off once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I was getting very familier with the cheap argumentations of the Israelian site according they Middle-East conflict... But this man dwave touched the bottem so far...


Raja said...

Dwave ,
if you insist , maybe your pretty wife,or your ugly-sister could give me a "helping hand"......
but first they should wash away the blood from their hands....
as for you , please wash your mouth first.