Friday, June 27, 2008

The talking-Dead

some Bombs are inexplicable.....

The Press reports that
"One Al Qua'eeda member was killed"

we read that sentence, everywhere and anywhere
it is a daily news , welcome by many
and less welcome by others...... .

I stop here and reflect
and I wounder how was this dead-person identified ???

1- did they find his Al Qua'eeda-membership-card on him ?
2- was he still wearing the Al Qua'eeda uniform , when he was shot ??
3- the name-tag on his neck was still readable ??
4- did he admit his alliance to Al Qua'eeda before his death ,
or only after his death ??

Of course those are difficult questions to answer
and will be more so difficult, if and when ,
those liberators, will kill five
or even seventeen Al Qua'eeda members !!

Anyhow let us not worry.....because,
the best organisation to know Al Qua'eeda is the CIA , itself !!
.........Guess why ???

Sherlock Hommos
investigator- initiator-irritator
27. June 2008

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