Friday, May 16, 2008

A , B and C of a 60 years old misery


Sixty misery years ago,
One man ended his Holocaust
only to start someone's else Nakba

The Holocaust was done by A unto B
whereas B has done the Nakba unto C.

B wants a compensation from A
but claims it ,and collects it from C

There are doubts and questions
about the Holocaust
there are none about the Nakba

The Holocaust (if true) has ended
but the Nakda is still going on.

The Holocaust have taught a lesson
to its perpetrators and to its victims
the Nakba is still under the diagnose.

The World still speaks about Auschwitz
and sings for Dachau
but has forgotten ,
Deir Yassin and Jennin.

B has collected his damages from A
C is still bleeding because of B

A never met with C
B met with both
whereas B is milking A
B is drinking the blood of C

C finally got the title of Terrorist
B called himself the Victim
and A
plays as the referee and judge

Raja Chemayel
60 years later

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