Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Coma in a greater Coma......

the true face of the State of Israel .

Sixty years ago the world's conscience went into a coma.
A very convenient coma that has hidden a crime called :
the State of Israel.

On the other hand ,
no chance of any other coma when it comes to the Holocaust
on the contrary .......we hear it and see it on daily bases.

Even ,
we see the Holocaust-deniers locked up in prisons
in the countries where freedom of though and speech
were supposed to be sacred.

I have not seen any denier of the Palestinian- Holocaust
probably because nobody denies it....
but it is just drowned in that same convenient coma.

Therefore ,
the Palestinian- Holocaust is never denied
but just made acceptable, excusable and forgivable.
Because the conscience , itself, is in a coma ,
an artificial-clinical -controlable- coma....of course !!

Out of those 60 years ,
we have had 58 years of Ariel Sharon.

Ariel Sharon , the butcher of the butchers ,
is in a coma, if not dead already..... ........

No funerals to him , because during the procession
one should make a farewell-speech and an obituary.
And what could there be said ?
how many tons of lies would be needed ? for that speech.

Therefore ,
I say that the phenomena "Ariel Sharon"
is in a coma within a greater coma.

A very appropriate scene :
a million lies are to be drowned , in a sea of injustice .

Raja Chemayel

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