Thursday, May 15, 2008

it takes a Devil to beat the Devil....

Five years ago I discovered a discussion-list
called LEBISSUES @ .... ...
I subscribed there and noticed
that the moderator, there, Mr. Tanious Chakkar
was a false-leftist , a Syria-hater and an Anti-Arab.
(He even claimed that Hezbollah has slaughtered
about 200 academics and intellectuals in South-Lebanon)

Although , I hated everything he were , I stayed ,
and participated to the debates.
Among other idiocy that Chakkar was promoting ,
was the comparison of a Syrian-Tank in the Lebanon
to an Israeli Tank in Rammallah.

You can imaging what and how I replied
and argumented against that political-clown who was
not even remotely funny.

To make a long story short , I once proposed to put
the presence (or non presence) of Syria in the Lebanon
on a National-Referendum.....and wait for the result.

At that point ,Mr. Tanious Chakar called me
" unimaginative and boring"
and has kicked me out of his list.....
and accused me of being "apologetic for Syria ,too"
as if this were an accusation or a sin, by itself.

Now five years have pasted , Syria has physically left,
Hariri has died , Israel has bombed Beirut....but Syria
is still present because the greater part of the Lebanese
want Syria , whether Bush likes it or not
whether Mr. Tannious Chakar likes it or not
whether I like it or not.

Syria is not an Angel ,
neither is Syria supposed to be an Angel
Syria is fighting against the Devil
and it takes a Devil to beat the Devil .

Soon US Marines will land on my beach-club in Beirut
as they did in 1958.
Fifty years ago I was too young to carry a gun
today I am too old to carry an RPG.........

But whatever will happen , soon in my Beirut
it will surely make more American widows ,
more Israeli orphans, and more Arab-Hero's.

People like Tanious Chakar will have to live
in the new-green-zone-of Beirut
and lecture us about democracy and freedom
while wearing a bullet-vest , and a chastety-belt.

el Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
will surpass Salah el Deen el Ayyoubi

All is well that ends up well !!

Raja Chemayel
"unimaginative and boring"
60 years exactly after the loss of our sister,Palestine,

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