Monday, May 12, 2008

10 Questions for the US-Senate and US-Congress

The tenants at the Capitol Hill

How many members of the US Congress, and or the US Senate ,
do know the answers to the following 10 questions :

1- what is the difference between a Sunni-Muslim
and a Shiaa Muslim ?

2- where were the borders of Palestine before the Zionist invasion ?

3- what difference is there between a Zionist and a Jew ?

4- what difference is there between a Jew and an Israeli person ?

5- what difference are there between Syrian-Baath-party
and the Iraqi-Baath-party ?

6- what difference is there between the Persians and the Iranians ?

7- where lies the province of , Arabestan ?

8- where is situated the whole of Kurdistan ?

9- what is the percentage of Christians among all the Palestinians ?

10- what are the religion(s) of Antoun Saadeh , George Habash ,
Naef Hawatmeh, Marcel Khalifeh , Ziad el Rahbani ,
Edward Saiid , Gibran Khalil Gibran , Tarek Aziz , Boutros Ghali ,
Hanan Ashrawy , Jesus of Nazareth........
and the first wife of the Prophet Mohammad ....?

If you can forward ,to all of them, those 10 questions ,
it will be nice !!
if half of the members can answer half of those questions ,
it will be a wonderful !!
and if half of the answered-questions are correct ,
it will be a miracle !!

Sherlock Hommos
Quiz-Show-master , at Fox TV .

PS :
If you also do not know 25% of the correct answers ,
I shall not worry , as long as you are not a member
of the Congress or the Senate.


kissa-online said...

hi raja
i posted this comment in the french copy of your blog:
cher ami raja
je suis un bloggueur tunisien
je visite votre blog regulierement depuis quelques mois deja.à l'occasion du retour du"cole" en face des cotes libanaises. j'aimerais, avec votre accord, re-editer l'article consacré a ce croiseur pour mes lecteurs.merci me dire si cela est possible. j'indiquerai bien sur sur mon blog l'origine du texte.

Habesha said...

Hi raja,

I just read you asking several sophisticated questions. Now I am very interested whether you can give good answers as well.
Here are my questions. I hope the answers are not going to frustrate you even more.

After 1945, approximately 8.5 Millions of Germans were expelled from Eastern Europe to Germany.
After Indian and Pakistani Independence in 1948, Millions of Hindus and Muslims were driven out of their homes or left voluntarily to get a new home within the borders of the respective other state.
After the turkish-greek war 1923, Millions of greek people were forced to leave western thrace and the coastal areas of Asia Minor where their ancestors had lived for several Milleniums.
After the creation of Israel in 1948, Jews all over the arab world were hit by Anit-Jewish riots and fled to Israel.

Question 1. What is the approximate percentage of all those refugees and their ancestors who still feel expelled, live in refugee camps or support violence against the countries where their ancestors have been expelled from?

There are numerous jewish settlements in the Westbank, which are said to colonize palestinian land. On the other hand, there are about 20% Arabs among the population in Israel. Several Comitees propose a territorial exchange between Israel and a future Palestinian State, leaving the major settlements with Israel and give the main areas in israel that are populated by arabs to the palestinians.

Question 2. Who mainly opposes these proposals?

In 1975, an arab country that had just been decolonized, got under occupation of an neighbour country. The occupators kicked the government out before it was installed and organized a long march with settlers claiming the new gained territories. However, the population tried to resist their occupators and many of them were expelled to another neighbouring country, where they still reside in refugee camps in the middle of the desert. In order to keep the native people out, the occupators government has built a wall that seperates the 93% of the territory which are under occupation from the 7% that are not occupied, which is additionately by far the most useless part of the territory because it consists of desert only.

Question 3. Who is the occupator and what is the occupated country called?

Raja said...

Dear Habesha

here are the answers you required ;
1- Israelis have no rights at all , whether in the settelements nor in the land they have stolen in 1948 , therefore you question is not valid here.
2-that land you want to know its name is the SAHARA
3- the occupator is Marrocco