Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Druzes , Mr. Jumblat and I .

The Maronite-Facist , the Sunni-neocon and the Druze-facist

I grew up in a village/town who happened to be incidentally christian
but surrounded from all sides by Druzes villages .
Therefore I may pretend to be "socially a Druze" ,
as being a sub-culture within the Lebanese-culture
which ,in its turn, is 100% Arab .

My Uncle was a co-founder of the Progressist Socialist Party
but left it soon in 1957 when he found out that it is rather more
Druze .....than ever being Socialist.
And with all due respect I do have for the Druzes ,
I have never met any person of them who was Socialist
nor , at least , acted as one.

On the other hand ,
I have never met any member of the Lebanese-Forces
who was not a smuggler , in any way or in another .

In 1982 the Lebanese Forces entered my hometown following the
Israeli Tanks and took over my town.
They stayed 15 months there and have bombed with their artillery
almost all the surrounding- villages where the Druzes lived.

When the Israeli withdrew in 1983 , from my hometown ,
the Lebanese-forces followed them only 2 hours later .
Most of the population fled fearing the revenge by the Socialist-Druzes
so only the elderly stayed , too old and too week to flee away.

One day later ,
Jumblat's Druzes backed by Israeli-army' s druzes came into my hometown
and slaughtered 262 persons because they could not find more than 262 .

That was 1983 ......and now 25 years later Walid Joumblat
head of the Socialist-party made 98% from Druzes became an ally
to Samir Jeajea head of the same Lebanese-Forces made out of 80% Maronite
and another 20% of opportunist- Christians. (and smugglers)

My fellow citizens of my hometown were banned to come back home
for 11 years until 1992 and stayed as refugees inside Lebanon.
Those who were nationalist and or leftist lived in Muslim Beirut
and those with fascist-tendencies went to live with the Christians.
Now both are back to my hometown and coexist and live side by side.

This afternoon ,thanks to the God-sent-Hezbollah forces,
I hear at the news that my Area is to be cleansed from
Jumblat and the jumblatists (who pretended Socialism.......)

You will understand that today is a day of feast to me
and I loved to share it with you....
especially when we all remember this week the NAKBA

Good news is always welcome !!

I do not wish the death of Jumblat
but would like him to stand trial for what he has done to
Socialism and to his Druzes and to his Lebanon
and what has he previously arranged and pre-arranged
with those Israeli officers who were not even ashamed to park
their IDF jeeps in front of his residence

As for my 262 slaughtered extended-family
I leave it to God's judgement day

In the meantime
I hope and wish that the Druze-individuals
shall not have to pay for the sins of a Walid Jumblat.

Raja I.K. Chemayel
11Th of May 2008

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