Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Puppet of my enemy , is my enemy.

Beirut started up a cleaning-up- operation
I guess Mrs. Condom-Liza Rice shall not visit us anymore
and Bernard Kouchner might give up his Lebanese-residence- permit

We may expect soon Fouad Siniora residing in Jeddah ,
for ever, hopefully.
As for Saad El Harriri he may live in Paris with his Saudi Passport ,
pas de problem !!
Walid Joumblatt may move to Tel Aviv and join
the Druze-Israeli- collaborators.
Mr. Fatfat will go nowhere , simply because nobody would take him.
Samir Jeajea will surrender to the Maronite Patriarch ,
who will declare him a Saint but will hide him in the cellar.

If this is the beginning of the end of
the Wahhabi-Harriri- Bush-axis
we shall remember that the Hariri-clan will leave the Lebanon ,
much richer than the day, when they came in......
We shall remember also that democracy
and freedom means primarily the wish and the power
of the people , and not necessarily the power of the
Parliament and much less , being , the Power of the Government

The Street has won !!
the People have won !!

The loosers are hiding now behind the argument of sectarianism
while they have lived and thrived on it , for ages ....

Hypocrisy has lost !!
Defeatism has lost !!

We are not ready to wait another 60 years !!
The Puppet of my enemy is my enemy !!

Raja Chemayel
on a sunny Saturday !! it reminds of May 68
10Th. of May 2008

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