Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fiction and Reality....another film ???

The Somalian-lady and her actress
in that infamous-film

A Somalian-Lady-refugee here in the Netherlands
has broken a new world record:
she became a Member of the Dutch Parliament
in less than 10 years after her arrival to Holland , as a refugee !!.

She became a very outspoken anti-Islam
which explains a lot about the speed of her success.

Once she started to stink , with regards to her
dubious entry into Netherlands and her lying about 101 things
and her fake pre-history and even her fake identity.......

Guess what happened ??

She was thrown out (very politely) from the Netherlands
and then went to the USA and got immediately a Job
working for Richard Perle....
Yes !! Mr. Richard Perle, the ex-adviser to George Bush
who holds a US-Passport and an Israeli-passport too.
The one who recommended to George to go to Baghdad
and see if there are "Weapons" , of any sort....

This mysterious lady , this phenomena-of-instant-success
has made ,previous to her departure, a short film called
'Submission' in which a muslin lady is shown practically-naked
with verses of the Koran written on her body.......
this fictitious lady was raped by her fictitious Muslim-uncle.
And the victim is supposed to 'shut-up' to avoid the scandal.
As if , only Muslim-uncles do rape their nieces....
and as if, only Muslim-victims are asked to 'shut-up'.

The Director of that film paid with his life the price
of the unlimited-arrogance and unrestricted-blasphemy.
And that Lady ran away............... to Richard Perle......of course .

Now , we hear and see that in Austria another
drama is unfolding of a father who raped his own daughter
and locked her up 24 years in the cellar along with the 3 children
he has produced with her......

This is not a fictitious story , but unfortunately a real one.
I wounder if that same Somalian-Lady who carries a Dutch passport
and lives in the USA , would not like now to make another film.
And if she does make another film , on that real-case-drama
I wounder if she would then mention the religion
of that monster-father .

The first film was fictitious and blamed Islam
this other film would be real and might blame ,eventually
or incidentally , another religion.
As if religions and rapes are compatible.
As if the religion of any rapist is relevant to the crime.

Raja Chemayel
have been 33 years in the Netherlands ,
and did not get higher than 'Export-Manager'
probably only because I respected Islam......

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