Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Hungarian-French-President and the French-Israeli Soldier
The French (jew) serving as soldier in the Imperial- IDF
the Hungarian (jew) serving as commander in chief
of the Imperial-France

When Gilad Shallit
was an Israeli-soldier stationed outside Gaza
helping strangling one million civilians,
Nicolas Sarkozo did not mind that ,
nor did Nico mention that Gilad were a French-citizen !
(serving in a foreign-army)

Now that Gilad Shallit is a legitimate prisoner of war
sharing the food  with his own starved-jailers............

Nicolas Sarkozy remembered that Gillad were a French-Citizen
and he wants Gillad to be freed ....

Come and get him Nico !!!!!
(and bring Carla along)

Raja Chemayel

a Gazzean until liberation

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