Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where to put it ???
The UN has its own priorities


I am not a professor in international law
nor I am a cartographers.

But if and when Mahmoud Abbas , by miracle,
shall get a Palestinian State ,
where shall he put it ?? ( or where to squeeze it /)
The only place available would be:
only between two Israeli-illegal-settlements.

Is it not correct that any description of any state,on this planet,
would start by defining its   borders ??
and secondly defining its political shape , or form.

Where shall we place The State of Palestine ,
when all places are occupied,or shrinking  or simply stolen ??

I would suggest to place it ,somewhere,
inside the building of the United Nations,
between the personnel-entrance and the parking garage.
(that is,  if it would not disturb much the Israelis)

Never mind what I write ,
after all the State of Israel, in 1948,
has started only with 11% of what it is today.

Sherlock Hommos

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