Monday, July 23, 2007

23 Koreans

23 South Korean persons are abducted and kidnapped
and held as hostages in Afghanistan.......................
the First question :
what were they doing there ??
the Second question :
how come they were all christian-missionaries in Afghanistan
the third question:
why not Buddhist-missionaries from Korea in Afghanistan
the fourth question :
was Afghanistan not invaded in order to establish Democracy ???
the fifth question :
how could christian-Korean-missionaries help to promoting democracy ??
the sixth question:
What relation , if any , there is between Christianity and Democracy ??
the sixth question , revised :
What relation there is between Muslim-Afghanee-tribal-traditional-system
and the Korean-Christian-imported-democracy ??

I am a bit confused here ,
because I remember that the most illustrious fascists
of this last century were Christians.......
and those fascists of this century did not change their religion , either !!
but they are rather called "Neo-conservatives" , instead.

But putting Christianity aside,
and looking at Turkey today ,
we realise that the Muslim-governing-party
has won 47% of the parliament seats....
not to mention the other Muslim-orientated-parties !!!

What will happen in Turkey , soon ??
will Korea send Christian-missionaries to Turkey
or Democracy and Islam could get married ??

And if they marry , would Islam be democratised
or would Democracy start fearing God ??

Those 23 Korean-Christian-Missionaries had better gone
elsewhere than Afghanistan ,
because the Afghanees recognise Jesus of Nazareth
and Mary and Joseph and the Holy Ghost too.......

After those 23 Koreans are released , soon ,
please send them to the State of Zion....
they are surely more needed there !!!

Raja Chemayel
23 of July 2007

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