Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Privileged Victims

Those who were lucky enough to leave Auschwitz, alive,
found back their homes and their country.

Those who may one day leave Gaza, alive,
have no home nor a country.
Or at least they have had once a home and a country
but the same jailers of Gaza occupy the homes and the country
of those same Gazzeans.

Those who left Auschwitz alive have had the remainder of a life , to live it.

Leave Gaza today......and what life you get ??
a refugee in Egypt ???
or a refugee in the Sinai desert ??....just like Moses !!
or a refugee camp in Lebanon ??

By the time the victims of Auschwitz got out
their oppressors were defeated already.
By the time the victims of Gaza might get out,
their oppressors are alive ,active and very healthy !!

Therefore I say :
the privileged went to Auschwitz
and the less-privileged are in Gaza........

It is the same crime ,
but only the criminals have changed.

Raja Chemayel


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I know this is terrible. Those who suffered the holocaust refuse to acknowledge al-nakba.

This is wrong. The right of return must apply to everyone, Arab and Jew.

Ben Heine said...

Thanks Raja for adding the pic!
Your production is very impressive.