Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Machiavelli revisited the Lebanon

Condi Rice and a Saudi Prince
have planned and planted Fateh el Islam in the Lebanon
to provoke a civil war in which Hezbollah
would have had to take part.

The Hiriri clan welcomed this diabolic move
in order to brake its siege,

and to add one more accusation on Syria's long list.

In the meantime ,
30.000 Palestinians-refugees lost even their refuges
and the Lebanese Army has around 100 widows more.
The economy in North Lebanon is paralysed
and the Lebanese-touristic-season 2007 is up in the air.....

The only good news among this rubble of Machiavellic-destructions
is that Hezbollah did not respond to any provocations,
did not enter the dance........and did not fall in this trap .

A year ago Hezbollah scored a military victory
and this time a political one....

Well done David !!
Well done Ya Dawood !!

Goliath must think again very carefully
for his third time.....next year......

Raja Chemayel

who shall not spend his summer holidays in the Lebanon
because it is getting over crowded this year....

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