Friday, March 28, 2008

" 180 Soccer-Games........."

one Soccer-game in Basra

In a speech by President Bush , yesterday,
in some USAF Museum , he was emphasizing
on the success the Military surge in Iraq ,
would have booked until now.

Probably G.W.Bush forgot what is happening
in Basra even during his speech......

Never mind ,

G.W. Bush quoted one of his generals who
has declared that a year ago while flying in
his helicopter he could not see any soccer-game
being played in Baghdad..... .but !! and recently
this same general in his same helicopter over the same Baghdad,
he has counted 180 Soccer-games being played , (simultaneously)

We all knew that G.W. Bush is a liar,
but we did not suspect him to be a bad-liar.... .
after all he is a President of mighty country.

some questions , if I may :

1- How long must anyone fly up , to be able to find and to count
180 games of anything ??
2- How come this general counted 180 soccer-games,
had he nothing else to do ???
3- How come this general identified a soccer-game ?
how low was his Helicopter flying ??
4- Was the general flying over Baghdad or accidentally,
over Rio de Janeiro ???

5 - Does Baghdad have 180 soccer-stadiums ?
or did that general count only the players....?

I personally have nothing against soccer ,
which incidentally is called: football in Iraq and elsewhere.

Never mind the football , let us wait until the day comes
when the generals can pronounce correctly the word : Iraq
and not Ayyrak !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

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