Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bill , George and the rest......

Some would like to believe that
any new president in the USA
might change anything in the USA's policies.

No Sir !!

May I remind those who do have that illusion
that Bill Clinton starved Iraq 8 years long,
and George Bush bombed it for 5 years.

Bill Clinton completely isolated and ignored Iran
while George Bush would like to bomb it !!

Bill Clinton took Arafat to Camp David
and sent him back empty handed
and then claimed that Arafat refused "a good deal"
which nobody told us what it were ??
George Bush left Arafat locked in a cellar
for 2 years ......
and then did not even attend to his funerals .

Otherwise ,we still find only slight differences :
Bill Clinton smoked a cigar with Monika Lewinsky
and George Bush did not smoke at all ,
because of Condolisa Rice........ .

Otherwise not much differences !!
the continuity of the Anglo-Saxon- hegemony. ......... .

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Presidential- comparative- credential- expert
PS :
Obama shall never succeed ,
he has the wrong colour and was born with the wrong religion
from a father called Hussein.
The FBI shall assasinate him next June and blame it to Al Qua'eeda.

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