Monday, March 24, 2008

One day after the Resurrection......

One the day after the Resurrection
the world is pretty much the same ,
China may keep the Tibet and the Olympic-games , too
Israel may keep Palestine and have the Peace, too
The USA may keep Baghdad and have its Oil

Otherwise not much......
The rich remain richer.....
and the poor..... do not pollute much the air.

Kosovo is now independent and Serbia has shrunken
the Taliban are reviving,winning and expanding
while the NATO forces get fresh reinforcement....

The Pope has converted one Muslim man
and a Parliamentarian in Holland ,
will teach us what is Islam.

One day after the Resurrection
Hilary might loose the election
and Dick Cheney visited Mahmoud Abbas
on his way to that huge Wall........

One day after the Resurrection
I wounder what-for he died ??
and how often must we also die ??

Raja Chemayel
one day after the ressurection in 2008

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