Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday !! to Sherlock Hommos

Today ,
I became sixty and my grey-hair too….

Two consolations I have still kept :
that I am 6 weeks older than the state of Israel
and I am about 5 years younger than Mick Jagger,
than Bob Dylan and Nayef Hawatmeh......

In 1956…… when I was 8 years old,
I heard the name of Port-Said,
so I asked my father where Port-Said was ?
and he told me , in Egypt
and that France, England and Israel have attacked it,
because they wanted to re-occupy the Suez Canal.
So I asked my father where the Suez-Canal was ??
and he answered “ also in Egypt”.

At that age of 8,
I had already concluded that this world is not perfect,
and that some countries want to devour the others.
and they called all this " the human nature " .

At the age of 10,
The US-Marines landed in the Lebanon to stop the (re) union
of Lebanon with Syria and Egypt…….
Eisenhower and Golda Meier did not like this (re)union.
And they called it "intervention on behalf of a friendly-regime "

At the age of 20,
Israel attacked Jordan, Syria and Egypt
and stole Jerusalem with Bethlehem.
And called it “self-defence”.

At the age of 27,
The dogs of Israel and of the USA , created a civil-war
in the Lebanon just to physically get rid of the Palestinians-refugees.
And called it “defending the identity of the Lebanon

At the age of 34,
Israel invaded the Lebanon bombed and encircled Beirut
and sent the Palestinian out of Lebanon towards Syria,
Yemen and Tunisia.
And called it “operation safe-Galilee

At the age of 40,
The pro-Israel and fascists militias in the Lebanon
fought against each other because they could not
find any Palestinian to slaughter anymore .
And called it “the war of Liberation from Syria

At the age of 55 ,
George Bush went to my Iraq looking for
the "Weapons of Mass Distraction"
and found only " the Mother of all Battles".
and they called it "operation Iraqi-Freedom"

At the age of 58
Israel has bombed my Beirut because
the Lebanese-freedom-fighters
did kidnap 2 Israeli-soldiers in uniform……and on duty.
And called it “global war on terrorism

Today at the age of sixty,
I ask you , whether there is any difference between,
being a Lebanese or being a Palestinian , an Iraqi
or being simply any other Arab ??.

Since the Seventh-century ,
all the Arabs are sharing the same fate ,
and I also shared it……..for the last sixty years, only.

Raja Ibrahim Khalil Chemayel
an Arab

Must I think and act differently
for the next sixty years ???


Cristina said...

Dear Raja,
Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

Anonymous said...

Hi Raja

Nicely put!..keep it up..need more like this!

Anonymous said...

عيد ميلاد سعيد جداً....
أردت فقط أن أتمنى لحضرتك هذه السعادة 60 عاماً أخرى كأخ عربي عزيز بعيد كل البعد عن الإحباط...
سعدت عنما وصلني إيميل المجموعة وذلك لأن ميلادي قريب أيضاً وهو بعد 3 أيام..
وفي الحقيقة وليس مجاملة فإني كنت أعتقد من أسلوب كتابة حضرتك أنك أصغر سناً...
فمن الجميل أنا يحافظ المرء على شباب روحه دائماً..

تقبل مني التحية والإحترام.....

Badiâa بديعة said...

"Must I think and act differently
for the next sixty years ???"

Acting differently..
Maybe yes if it is just an evolution of methods.

Thinking Differently..
I hope not.

Happy Birthday!!

An arab sharing the same fate for the last 21 years.

thecutter said...

A very happy birthday to someone really special! Your cheerful frustration is the antedote to some bad days. What would we do without you?!

yalahowy said...

just wanted to wish u all the best, hope u have a good one...
happy birthday
your fan,

Beate Zilversmidt said...

let it be in spite of everything a Happy Birthday to you

..and one more thing (a paradox in your style?): Thank you Wilders, for uniting against yourself everybody from Raja Chemayel to Roni Naftaniel.

Beate Zilversmidt
Holon Israel

Raja said...

Thank you all for your wishes.

If you will send some gifts,
this is my new adress :
Bloc "F" Cell Nr. 411
Capt .Haim Avraham Goldbloom , intterogator ,
PhD. in torturer and democratisation


Hector Brutacu said...

It is a little late... but

Happy Birthday ! May that GOD (whoever HE IS) give to you a little from every of all the "goods" from this WORLD !
Peace my big brother !
Be blessed !

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! from T, O and M.