Friday, April 4, 2008

TIBET and the restoration of a "God"

Actually , the Olympic-games are a period
when people make a truce , a kind of temporary Peace.

This was the first message of those games,
otherwise they would be just another sport-competition,
like any other......

The Olympic flame going around the World, shall be
disturbed and distracted and probably even kidnapped too.
Because , mainly , of the situation in TIBET.

The Dalay Lama , as symbol, is finally and practically a "living-God"
to that Tibet-Nation and a leader and a monarch and a head of state
and the highest authority.........just to name a few !!....

The CIA is eager to help the democracy in TIBET
like it did in Nicaragua and Vietnam and Chili and Cuba
and Beirut and Iraq and Afghanistan....just to name a few !!.

If and when , the
TIBET shall be freed and this Half-God or Living-God
or Human-God shall regain his throne,,,,,,
then it will be the first time that the CIA would have restored a "God"
usually the CIA helps , Dictators, Despots,Generals, Kings, Princes,
Sultans and Shah........
just to name a few !!.

Well done CIA !! .........this is a premier !!

But remember please Dear CIA......
not to do it , during the Olympics....
it is a period of truce and temporary Peace and brotherly-love
and idealism.......just to name a few !!

Sherlock Hommos
Olympic commentator...and spotter of divinities.

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