Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today the USA remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
while black-Marines are dying in Iraq and in Afghanistan
side by side with their Latino-Marines-comrades ....
while , and accidentally, the higher officers are ,mainly,
still of a much-lighter-colour.

Today blacks and whites
sit near each other on the same Bus
that takes them to some Naval-Base ,
to board a ship towards Basra, Beirut or Baghdad

No more segregation on the US-buses !!
and even Obama may come , as close as,
to smell a presidency.........
before soon , a White-supremacist
or even more "conveniently" , a Muslim-fanatic
might repeat the same drama , as 40 years ago.

Not Obama nor Dr. Rice
are anywhere near to Dr. M.L. King Jr.
they only share the colour of his skin,
but not the colour of his ideals

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was more white
than many white-people.....with their black intentions.

Raja Chemayel
fifth of April 2008

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